The Kanal Pillow - New Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow

The Kanal Pillow employs innovation in medical quality supportive pillows for the neck. It is available in either poly foam or as a memory foam pillow. It has an enhanced neck support and incorporates a patented canal underneath the pillow. This canal that may also be designated as a "channel", cradles the head and neck when lying on the back (supine), thus alleviating pinched nerves caused by the neck and head falling to the side.

kanal orthopedic pillow As an additional benefit, the canal provides a place to accommodate the shoulder while side sleeping. The pillow is very adaptable to the size and shape of the user because both edges of the pillow have wave-like cervical support. The pillow also has a removal 1 inch foam insert thus having the ability to accommodate various size users. It facilitates comfort and support in all sleeping positions.

The Kanal Pillow - Excellent model has become quite popular in Sweden, providing a high degree of ergonomic support, thus super-ceding the benefits of the competition. Willmaxx Distributors is the sole importer for distribution in the USA market. and are offering two foam types:

Other Valuable Pillow Features: