The Nimble-Pedic Mattress Overlay

The Nimble-Pedic Mattress Overlay measures 3" thick and is available in standard mattress sizes - Twin, Twin-Long, Full (Double), Queen, King and California King. This is an economical alternative to full mattress replacement or other more expensive and sometimes less supportive overlays.

The greatest percentage of our customer feedback suggests that this overlay at least equals and in many cases exceeds all expectations when compared with the Tempurpedic® Mattress Overlay.

Nimble-Pedic<sup>™ </sup> mattress overlay

Our Nimble-Pedic Mattress Overlays Feature:

Rationale For Use of a Mattress Overlay: The purpose of a mattress overlay or mattress topper is to make an existing hard or overly firm mattress more forgiving. In other words, if one finds that they are developing certain pressure points, particularly the hip and/or shoulder joint when sleeping on the side, or the base of one's spine when sleeping on the back, then an overlay may be deemed necesssary. It serves to absorb the more protruding parts of our body. An overlay will NOT however benefit a person who is sleeping on a mattress that is sagging or is too soft.

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