Nimble-Pedic Pillows

Nimble-Pedic™ Pillows are made from 5.3 Lb. high quality, visco-elastic polyurethane foam, not unlike the well known Tempurpedic® Pillow.

We utilized the highest quality memory foam we could acquire in today's market. The density of polyurethane foam has a direct bearing on the quality of the foam itself. To a point, the higher the density, the better the support!

The design of the Nimble-Pedic Contour Pillow supports the curve created by your head, neck and shoulders to properly align your spine and give you a perfect night's sleep!

Choose the thickness based on your shoulder dimensions and sleeping position preference (back or side) to promote an anatomically correct posture. A pillow that raises your head too high or allows it to fall too far back not only places stress on your neck, but also could inhibit breathing.

Contour Pillows
Pillow Size Pillow User Suggestions
Regular 4" 4" x 12" x 20" Small to average size woman or small-framed man with narrow shoulders. Also for those who like a very thin pillow
Regular 5" 5" x 12" x 20" For side sleepers with wider shoulders , those that need elevation for breathing, or those who generally like a thicker pillow. This is our most popular thickness
Queen 4" 4" x 14" x 24" Longer pillow with same user stats as Regular 4" Pillow
Queen 5" 5" x 14" x 24" Longer pillow with same user stats as Regular 5" Pillow