The Acumasseur Massager feels like a visit to a real masseur!

Neck Massage Tool Acumasseur Trap Massage Portable Neck Massage

AcuMasseur Self Neck Massage
  • Fantastic for massaging the neck and shoulders by yourself
  • An ingenious, durable self massage tool that easily adjusts to accommodate all people
  • Swedish design by a prominent massage therapist for the purpose of alleviating trigger points and sore spasmed muscles
  • Do your own myo-fascial release
  • Our medical advisors find it unbeatable for working out knots in the neck and hard-to-reach trapezius muscles

work out knots in your legs
  • Used at the base of the skull, it can often alleviate tension headaches
  • Great portablity; many owners take it to work with them
  • Acu-masseur combined with a good neck support pillow are a must for neck pain sufferers
  • Compact and dis-assembles for travel
  • Durable nylon plastic

The versatile Acumasseur can massage the neck, lower back and legs.

acumasseur sub-occipital massage
How to use the Acu-masseur:
  • With practice. the Acu-Masseur helps one discover secret places on the body that can release tension when squeezed.
  • After grabbing the muscles in the neck, walk down the scalenes muscles of the neck. Gently, but firmly, squeeze the muscles. Then work back up the neck and relieve stress in the sub occipital muscles at the base of the skull.
lower back self massage
  • When applying pressure, breathe and feel tensions release.
  • The shoulder muscles, including the rhomboids, trapezius, and a number of other muscles, can be massaged by the AcuMasseur.

NO OTHER massager can squeeze and hold the squeeze like the original Acu-Masseur can. As you maintain shiatsu pressure, you massage the muscles in a professional, therapeutic way.